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Testimonials - Consultation

“I moved into my condo in Brooklyn in February 2022 and began working with Maria in May 2022. Maria helped me decorate my condo to feel like home and with wonderful Feng Shui energy. About 2 months after making some initial changes, I attracted a man whom I had a relationship with. While the relationship didn’t work out, I had the confidence to end the relationship and continue on my journey to my soulmate. I have had moderate anxiety all my life, and have definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety since applying Feng Shui principles in my home.

I reached back out to Maria this November, as I was feeling some momentum in reaching my dreams and wanted to best facilitate getting the energy moving. Maria is very thorough in working with me and explains why or why not, something does not “work” with Feng Shui. My inner nerd loves that ????After my current updates to my apartment I feel confident that I am worthy and deserve abundance in my life and I am headed in the right direction on my path to my soulmate. “

Devin Nuszer – New York

“Hi Maria, it’s been amazing! I will have to send pictures of what I did to create more flow in my house. My job has been going well, and my love life is continuing to thrive. Along with that, I am going to Egypt in March for a spiritual journey with my good girlfriend. Thank you so much for all your help and direction, it has really created a beautiful flow in my life.

Two months later – Also, I just wanted to let you know since working with you my relationship with my guy is progressing towards more serious discussions, I left my job for a better one that pays more than I have ever made, and my health is better than ever. Thank you for helping me create a beautiful flow in my house.’

Stacie Birkmeier – Illinois

“Hi Maria!! Oh my goodness things are definitely starting to flow around here. While I’d like to give my husband credit for his hard work, I can’t help but connect it to the changes we’ve made with Feng Shui. He has more than tripled his annual income in the last few months!!! I am in shock really. We haven’t even finished our changes either. I just want to thank you so much for all of your expertise and input. This is unreal. He’s a believer in the fountain! He checks to make sure it’s working all the time now. My husband kept announcing these huge settlements the last few weeks to our family and my 13 year old son who had been making fun of my hanging crystals said- “Ok mom, maybe those crystals do really work!”

Jessica Guth – Yuba City, CA

‘Working with Maria has enhanced both my personal and professional life. I have learned so much during her consultation and she has been very present during all my follow-up questions or need for further clarification. I could feel that Maria really cares and is coming from the place of integrity, deeper love and very solid knowledge about the energy flow in the spaces. My physical place feels much more like a cozy and warm home now, like a loving nest that supports me and enhances all my project. I noticed that my relationship with my fiancée turned into even more tender and intimate level. I truly enjoy spending time at my home now and I am looking forward to working with Maria on my office space at work.” (She is now happily married!)

Izabella Adamus – Illinois

As soon as I started making the enhancements that Maria recommended for my home, I felt the energy shift both inside my home and inside me. Maria took the time to get to know me and my vision for my life so that she could personalize her recommendations and align them with my dreams and goals. She prepared a detailed list of enhancements that is easy to follow and easy to complete one item at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. One of my dreams is to marry my soulmate and within months of beginning to make Maria’s enhancements, I was engaged! I believe that the new energy in my home helps to make him feel welcome and loved and “at home” and helped magnetize him to me. I highly recommend Maria’s services to help all of your dreams come true!”

Betsy Farrugia – Connecticut

Your consultation went beyond my expectations, your care and thoughtfulness in educating me is much appreciated! I am looking forward to making these adjustments—your suggestions have me thinking differently and I love that. And what a great follow up report and outline, in just a couple hours! This is an amazing service you provide! Thank you for your kind words, it was indeed my pleasure to meet you.

Monique Rutherford – Benicia

“Learning and applying Feng Shui techniques from Maria has literally changed our lives. My husband’s workplace had become extremely toxic. He was working too many hours and commuting 3 hours. Maria clearly explained how to enhance the career area of our home. She provided examples and emphasized why each element was important. Within a month he changed firms (at a better wage) and is extremely happy to be working at such a positive company whose culture puts a very high value on it’s employees. I highly recommend Maria’s Feng Shui class and or a consultation”.

Kathy Pierson – Martinez

“This is a past due email! I have so much to share. I have so much gratitude for you. Guess what?! The man I told you about and I are in love!!! Very soon after I began implementing the principles and your recommendations from your Feng Shui assessment of my home things started to shift. Just as you said they would.

I can’t wait to share more details and my journey with you. I continue to slowly add and modify my home I still have a way to go, but I am certain that I feel more balanced overall and I owe so much to you!!

For now I do have a question and know I can text you, but I felt like there was too much goodness to share in one text. I am soooo happy, Maria.

Patty Rivera – Salinas

I wanted to first thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your Feng Shui advice – both for my office and for selling my mom’s house!! We put everything into practice as best we could and it has really worked! Every day I am energized at work, everyone has been super helpful and collaborative, and things are definitely opening up opportunity wise!

Also for my mom’s house, we put the house on the market at 7:00 pm on Weds 1/6, and 2 days later, we had 15 showings this weekend, and 2 offers in already! This Feng Shui really works! We can’t believe it. As in your work, this work makes me happy.

Shivani Singh – Carlsbad

I really enjoyed our consultation call this past Tuesday. You gave me so much momentum and I’ve already started working on those areas (the love and children area), it is amazing how after seeing it all so clearly laid out, it is so clear to see that these 2 areas are what I yearn for the most and now I have a way to help improve the energy in those areas within my home.

Thank you so so much. The guidance and education you gave me are so valuable to me. I am really looking forward to working with you more.

I have a perfect idea for that mountain that I want behind my chair in my office. I will send you a picture. I found it on! It’s a painting or picture of the 3 big tall mountains in Patagonia. Its especially meaningful to me because I visited that national park some years ago. I’m very excited to put all these things in place in my home. Thank you so so much for your thoroughness and all the incredible details, and for taking the time to share with me some fountains for the front of my house. This is all amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Sending you so much gratitude, appreciation and love!

Patty Rivera – Salinas

Since I followed the advice in your consultation, I passed my exam, encountered many more helpful people in my life, and much more money came my way. Thank you!

Azuka Nwigwe – Oakland

Maria was an absolute joy to work with. She has a magnetic energy and I could tell immediately that she is really loving and truly cares about the work that she does. She came into my place and gave me great advice. She acknowledged what I was already doing in accordance with the Feng Shui Bagua and what I could move around or add in to make things better. I felt the difference in energy immediately. I enjoy being in my space even more now. She sent me the report quickly and followed with me to see if I had any questions which I greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her services to anyone! Thank you, Maria!

Winta Berhane -Santa Clara

Hi Maria – thanks so much! Everything is great with me. After our consultation I did hang the crystals, moved my bed/furniture around and created more space in my apartment. – I met and started dating a wonderful man last June. I bought some “heart” and “love” items as well as art, which he ended up hanging for me Just wanted to share this update with you.

Lucy Medina – San Francisco

Maria has always been a Guardian Angel for me ! When I was seeking guidance, I was fortunate to find her and sought her blessings! I have been following her advice ever since and will follow her guidance in the future to come ! Thank you, Maria and God Bless you !

Nilanjana Moulik – Columbia

We hired Maria because we were having a tough time attracting potential tenants for a commercial building. After spending a couple of hours walking through the entire building, she came up with a report that offered solutions to all the issues we were actually experiencing since our company relocated to this space. Everything she pointed out was spot on! As I began applying the Feng Shui remedies based on her recommendations, I noticed some shifts pretty quickly. My real estate agent started doing more tours with potential tenants. Our environment influences us in ways that most of us are not even aware of. We are constantly interacting with various environments in our day to day living. The way I see it, we are actually having ‘relationships’ with the spaces that we spend most of our time in. A home or building will either support me and my intentions or drag me down.

As I continued to make more adjustments to the space, I got really clear that it was most optimal for us to actually sell the building. This was such a surprised realization. When you work with Maria, the whole process from consultation all the way to implementation takes you on a journey of uncovering some of your own blind spots. I am super sensitive to my environment and know immediately when a home or a room feels ‘off’. Maria has the knowledge and skills to help you transform an ‘off’ space to an ‘on’ space. We had multiple bits and sold our building!! Yay!

Thank you, Maria!

Gia Baren – Oakland

I am still slowly making the changes. For instance I am still to put the red in the wealth corner and another red in the love corner.

I did however introduce black and white and some water pictures in my career corner right away. I am happy to report that I got a few short contract, and have now obtained a good permanent job that I started on, on the 01 February 2019.

Many thanks for your help.

Thozama Makiza(Ms) – South Africa

My life has been full of great things since your consultation. While I have not met my guy yet, a lot of amazing things have happened.

We had a successful grand family reunion last November. I had never hosted a party that big in my life. So it was a milestone. And I think it brought good energy into my house.

I have had a lot of opportunity for travel and more to come this 2019.

I have had healing breakthroughs physically and emotionally. The right therapist and energy healer have worked with me and it has been tremendous. I have had some minor health issues (anemia), so I think I need to keep working on converting my current office area to your most auspicious recommendation.

I did get a two stemmed orchid on my travels. I was on the Big Island in Hawaii and there was this clay orchid studio I have always admired. The artist made my mom a flower and a butterfly. When I finally explained to the artist what I was looking for and why, she said she got goosebumps because she felt I was going to have a transformation/rebirth/change—as in be with my man. That’s why she said she made me a butterfly. And she ended up attaching the butterfly to my orchid. I will text you a picture.

Aileen – Benicia

Wow! A month already? Wow! We have made LOTS of changes, but not everything yet. Our Helpful People corner was primary (pictures, mirrors)…and our helpful people in our biz have increased immediately! I have no doubt your work was a huge influence there! Thank You!

Johnny Fernandez – Benicia

Right after we moved to our new home and new office in 2012, we ran into quite a few obstacles in our business. We felt unhappy and stressed out with the negative energies and no matter how we tried, it was an uphill battle to get things in order. A friend recommended us to try Maria’s Feng Shui consultation. Maria was easy to work with and she immediately identified a few key issues in our home and our offices. She gave us a thorough report on the areas that we need to work on to achieve the results that we were looking for. Her recommendations were not radical or hard to do. My husband and I were surprised by the positive changes in our personal and professional life in just over a year’s time after we implemented the improvement Maria recommended. Our business has a big turn around and we are much more relaxed and happy in our new home. Even our daughter had much better luck in her love life. Maria is great! We are a strong believer now and I have recommended Maria’s service to several of my friends. We will consult with Maria again when we are ready to sign our new office lease!
Anne Chan – Walnut Creek

Recently a close relative was floundering in a career “blockage.” A Fung Shui visit from Maria revealed that many areas in the living space were conflicting with the flow of energy. Moving and/or eliminating some of the decorations had almost immediate effects: a payment for future services was received the next day. A career vision board was hung and one week later, the job offer hoped for was received! Wow…
Katy Colbath – Martinez

Feng Shui certainly contributed to the huge turnaround in my life. I changed the artwork in my bedroom, using only sets of 2. No more solitary figures. I repainted my guest room a skin tone (sensual), added a leather chair, table, lamp and plant. This room served as the site for my new relationship to blossom! A 7-month long distance friendship has been transformed into a full blown romance. We’ve been dancing ever since! I believe applying some basic Feng Shui principles was the beginning of this transformation. Thank you, Maria!
Ginny Green – Benicia

I had no idea what to expect the day Maria McCullough walked through my door. I’d heard of Feng Shui, knew vaguely what it was, but I never thought our session would enhance my life in such a meaningful way. In a skillful, confident, yet reassuring manner, Maria walked about my home and property. She made perceptive comments and suggestions which I took to heart. Soon, as I implemented change and enhanced the energy in my home, I began to view “house” as a metaphor for self. “Keep your house in order” was the refrain that kept running through my mind…my spiritual house, mental, physical, and emotional.

Within one week there were hummingbirds at my front window, within three I was asked to write website copy, join two women in a retreat business and was gifted with a monetary benefit to care for my father.

Maria opened my eyes to a more thoughtful way of living. She has a gift.
Sue Carlson – Walnut Creek

I met Maria in the Fall of 2010 and there was an instant energy connection between us. To make a long story short, it was nice of her to share with me her knowledge and expertise in Feng Shui. Until one day, she actually gave my place of business, Rags to Riches, “an energetic lift” as she had defined Feng Shui. I was impressed by the way she presented herself; her thoroughness and her overall knowledge of the subject. She is a professional by all standards.

Now, the effects of Feng Shui on my business have been incredible. From the time we did the consultation and the actual corrections, we experienced positive results. From that moment forward the flood gates opened. This year has been unbelievably successful. Our financial success has blossomed. Another benefit…people often make comments about how good it feels to be in my shop. Thank you again, Maria. You are special.
Remy Regala – Manager, Owner
Rags to Riches Consignment Boutique – Benicia

When you meet Maria, you are immediately transported to her world of love and sharing. Feng Shui is the medium she uses to help you surround yourself with positive energy flow and a sense of owning your world in a very direct and hands on way. Maria knows her stuff inside and out. She is very adept at helping you figure out the areas in your home and your life that are stuck, and then offers suggestions for enhancing those areas.

I had Maria help me with my new home and let her know that I had an unsatisfactory relationship with a man. I also was focused on growing my business and increasing my income. We concentrated on those two areas of my home, and within 24 hours I broke up with the man, which was exactly what needed to happen! In that same week, I offered to help one of my stores rearrange my jewelry in a different area of her store, and her sales have tripled. I have signed a lease for a new studio, in a better location, and have gotten a few new key accounts. All of these changes have come about almost effortlessly since I put my energy into enhancing my wealth corner and my relationship corner. It has truly been life changing for me.

I would highly recommend working with Maria for any area of your life that needs an attitude adjustment. The knowledge and information that she so freely gives you is priceless. It is truly a gift to yourself that keeps on giving!
Katya Wittenstein – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Katya Fused Glass – Sausalito

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“I moved into my condo in Brooklyn in February 2022 and began working with Maria in May 2022. Maria helped me decorate my condo . . .” [Read More]