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Testimonials - Classes

“Hi, Maria,
Thank you so much for opening our eyes to this enlightening ancient practice. Thank you for introducing powerful (yet within our grasp) tools to direct healthy Qi in our living spaces. Best of all, we have been empowered to know we can control our environment, thereby life, in extension.”

Pauline S.

“Thank you, Maria! I learned so much and appreciate everyone from the class.

I’d love to see/read about any of your “wow” success stories as you implement the new tools we learned. “

Monika P.

A 20 out of 10! Love you , Maria! You are very passionate and well versed in Feng Shui! Thank you for deciding to become a teacher! A Zoom worked great at this time. I am proud of you for figuring this all out!

Christina Passama

Thank you for being so responsive and approachable with email and text!

Janet Roullier

Maria is very knowledgeable and relatable. Also, she made the Zoom experience fun and easy to use.

Catrina Milner

Maria is so prepared, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic which was seen throughout the entire class sessions. She is a natural! 

Maria is awesome, very personable and easy to relate to.

I am so grateful for Sharing Feng Shui!! It’s been very helpful in my life.
C. Passama

The class helped me make sense of the current problems in my home.

Maria was kind, informative, open to questions with loving energy.

Maria was friendly, spunky and knowledgeable. Try it! it may change your life.

I was ready for Feng Shui, and Maria arrived! I finally got a handle on how the Bagua fit over the house and then what to do. I loved Maria, her enthusiasm, knowledge…

The teacher was very knowledgeable and passionate about Feng Shui. She shared lots of great ideas.

Maria was very accommodating with all personal questions – I enjoyed her personality very much.

Maria is very knowledgeable about Feng Shui. She loves questions from her students and answering then thoroughly with great suggestions.

You are dynamic in teaching – the class flows well – The Ch’I in the room is great.

I love that you added the 4th class to the series. It made a big difference. I Loved this class. I’ve already made a few changes to my home and feel a difference.

I had a wonderful time coming to the Feng Shui class. I enjoyed learning, felt relaxed and felt an awesome Chai flowing around the classroom.
Brelle Carvallo

This was very helpful, informative, useful interesting and important on my particular journey in life. Thank you Maria!

How the information was presented and the interactions exceeded my expectations.

Maria is a fantastic teacher – very open, willing to share her knowledge.

This is a terrific workshop! Maria you gave so much useful information. You gave ways to bring Feng Shui in our home and lives while utilizing practical and affordable ways to enhance our paths. Looking forward to the next class!

I took Maria’s Feng Shui class on July 21, 2012. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend the readers of the following to take her class. The investment has been of highly promising return for me.

My perspective of Maria’s class experience can be described as transformative. I am more of a logical skeptic than of a spiritual believer. By keeping an open mind about the concept, however I arrived at surprising enlightenment as a result of the experience; a new light and a new perspective on how to view and evaluate one’s space has dawned upon me since I attended Maria’s class.

The class tuition seemed truly like an incredible bargain for the three hours of quality education and largely customized advice the students received. Her classroom environment was designed in excellent form to support conveyance of the content. A highly visually engaging environment design gave students an immediate model of application of their newly acquired knowledge. The general philosophy seemed to be based on the simple concept of balance. The physical world around us is indeed sustained only through an easily taken for granted delicacy of equilibrium of elements. As physical beings, an imbalanced spatial surrounding is only safely thought to be of negative effect on us. The message I heard most directly from the class was restoring this balance by selectively focusing on enhancement of the areas of life in most need.

A new door, a new transformative ray of light has poured upon my life space, since I learned from her. Thank you, Maria for treating me to what I can never thank you enough for. The gift and light of your knowledge has blessed me ever since I had the privilege of being your student.
Semiramiss Natagh

Maria’s class had great information, was easily applicable to my house, yard and office. She was knowledgeable, warm and easy to understand. Maria’s Feng Shui class motivated me to make useful changes.
Kary Birdseye

You are really good and very thorough and knowledgeable. You’re a great teacher. This was a great class – friendly and comfortable.
Marietta Cole

Maria was very prepared. Even set up the room in a Feng Shui way. The slide show was helpful. Maria totally ‘walks the talk’ with regards to Feng Shui.
Ginny Green

I feel a sense of direction after this class an am anxious to get started at home and in life.
Karen Pressler

I enjoyed the straightforward presentation, useful handouts and friendly atmosphere. What a nice group. Thank You!  It was fun going through the material and handouts. Maria gives many examples of practices and suggestions to enhance and enrich your life.
Dona Rose

Maria offered clear and concise instruction.  This was easy to understand and apply in real life terms/situations.
H. Bell

Maria was well organized and well spoken. The practice of Feng Shui is really a great way to create positive change in one’s life.
Marilyn Schaffer

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